C2M Services

Executive Summary

C2M ServicesLocated in Portland, Oregon, C2M Services (Completion-to-Market), is an EB-5 enterprise providing consulting, staffing, and human resources in primarily Tech and Media sectors. An Oregon Limited Partnership, its mission is to provide a work force executing “Staffing and Consulting Services” for retail, sales, marketing, media and technology companies, to accelerate their delivery of products and services to market. C2M will serve select Clients’ developed products and/or services, by providing the full-time human resources to finish, beta test, market, promote and grow market share.


Staffing Solutions: C2M will provide staffing and associated payroll services for select Clients in service areas such as administration, customer service, specialized services, software development, web applications, web environments and architecture, media production, marketing, promotion, sales and distribution.

HR Services: Human Resource management, executive search and talent acquisition and organizational development management.

Enterprise Consulting: Web 2.0, Web 3.0 Technology, Multi-media Projects, Web Marketing Companies, Software, Application Developers, Product Marketing and Fulfillment, Call Centers, Administrative Services, Sales and Promotional Projects.

C2M is securing a Client List of approximately 9 Enterprises with EB-5 qualified job creation and providing financing in units of $500K (immediate jobs available). Sample of Clients under current consideration:

  • Vie Sports: Digitize, market, promote, market services… $2M
  • Edison Labs: Technology development, marketing, sales… $2M
  • E4 Studios: Production, _ finishing, marketing… $2M
  • Freaky Flickers: Children’s toys, motion picture, marketing… $2M
  • ROOT Whole Body Wellness Center: sales, marketing…. $1M
  • Pico Computing: Super computing, hardware sales… $2M

Unique Value:

c2m eb-5 express projectC2M Services is an EB-5 Enterprise Manager, in a strategic alliance with Digital Force, Inc., a USCIS Regional Center Applicant. C2M provides Enterprise Clients with new HR Talent, Consulting, C-Suite and Business Services. Exposure to risk is mitigated with significant collateral at 100% LTV in the Client’s equity rights, served by means of “Client Service Agreements” (CSA). C2M offers cost reductions in the Client’s management, overhead, production, development, distribution, marketing, sales and other vital services.

  • Total EB-5 Investment pool: $15 Million (units of $500K)
  • EB-5 Equity Percentage: 10% plus “Profit kicker”, Exit Terms in 5 – 7 years
  • Client Service Agreements allow buy-out condition in 5 – 7 years, return principal and earned interest

C2M Services provides EB-5 qualified direct job creation for qualified contracted Clients.

For more information on C2M please visit: www.c2mservices.com


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