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Earth Artist Studios

Executive Overview

Earth Artist StudiosEarthArtist Studios™ Master Plan creates a business, infrastructure and art model that reduces production and corporate costs, thereby justifying the demand-driven establishment of a technologically advanced motion picture/ television studio-complex in the southeastern U.S.

Along with its 4K/3D Digital Production Superstages, the Company will provide development/ pre-production financing to Producer-clients, as well as produce a slate of EarthArtist projects. Costs can be dramatically reduced in all stages of production while increasing product quality.

Academic Sector

The Institute is the appropriate vehicle by which the state honors its commitment to the private sector to share in the cost of production infrastructure, technology and human resource development.  Its students will intern beside producers, talent and technicians.

The Film Institute of the South (the “Institute”) will produce 21st century filmmakers who can intern on major and independent productions at EAMS.

A consortium of state colleges in partnership with the S.C. Technical Education System (“Tech”) and private sector, the Institute will prepare executives, actors, writers, artists and technicians for careers in the entertainment industry.

Project Assets

  1. Space- 3 of the largest super stages in the world
  2. Unlimited electrical power- 15kv substation on property with the lowest rates in the country
  3. 100 years old, 200,000 Sq.Ft. existing mill building that is perfectly suited for conversion to our digital hub
  4. a Right-to-Work state
  5. The leader of this project has a thorough knowledge of the movie industry, our customers, and has passion to deliver their needs
  6. Earth artist studios will cut setup/rigging and tear down time from 6-8 weeks to 4 days.
EB-5The project is designed by internationally acclaimed movie studio architect, Hans Knutzen. Knutzen has designed over 25 major studio projects, has worked with the biggest names in 5 continents, and has been in the business for over 35 years. The project is projected to cost around $160,392,750.00 and take around 80 weeks of construction to complete.

EB-5 Visa Program

In 1990, Congress mandated the EB-5 visa program to create jobs for Americans while stimulating foreign capital investment. Subsequently, a pilot program creating the regional center concept was passed into law. There are significant benefits of the EB-5 regional center pilot program which include:

The future of the EB-5 program is very promising. An increasing number of people are aware of its existence, and its benefits.

The number of investors engaged in the program with responsible and viable regional centers is continuing to grow as they view the program as a fast track to U.S. residency wrapped in a valuable investment.

More politicians and economic development officers understand the nuances of the program that has now created thousands of jobs and generated billions of dollars into the U.S. economy. The EB-5 program is a win/win platform for the U.S. economy, U.S. sponsors and foreign investors alike.

EB-5 Investor Role

Under EB-5 regulations, the EB-5 immigrant investor is expected to participate in the management of the new enterprise by assisting in the formulation of the enterprise’s business policy, by participating in one or more of the activities permitted in the Florida Limited Liability Company Act, and as otherwise set forth in the Operating Agreement. Investors in an EB-5 enterprise must have all the rights and duties usually accorded to members applicable under the Florida Limited Liability Company Act.  The rights of the limited partners under the Operating Agreement are consistent with rights normally granted to limited partners under the Act.

Benefits of your EB-5 Investment

If the EB-5 project is approved, this would allow the project developers to raise $50 million necessary to construct the project and would make possible the opportunity to invest in this project to potential immigrant investors.  Such investors would be expected to receive the following benefits as EB-5 immigrant investors in the EB-5 project:

  • Ownership interest in a unique company in a growing digital market
  • Projected positive, competitive returns on their investment,
  • Living and working anywhere in the U.S.,
  • No employment authorization requirement to accept employment,
  • Ability to develop and run a business,
  • Ability to sponsor green cards for a spouse and minor children,
  • Ability to travel outside of the United States and return to the United States without a visa,
  • Education benefits of permanent residents such as admission to state universities at resident costs, and
  • Become a U.S. citizen once the investor has been a permanent resident for more than five years.

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